15 questions about the future


Think about how you would answer these questions.

These are the 15 questions answered by 200 people around the world in the Future2043 survey in June and July 2023.

1 – Cities

Will cities and urban areas have grown or will they be smaller?

2 – Urban society

Will urban society be breaking down or becoming stronger?

3 – Wealth

Will wealth stay in the hands of a small number of people or will financial security become accessible for all?

4 – Healthcare

Will medical innovations revolutionize healthcare, or will progress in healthcare be slow and uneven?

5 – Corporations and Companies

Will organizations be primarily focused on achieving their financial goals or will they attribute more importance to their social impact?

6 – Big data

Will big data increase our capacities, letting us achieve more, or will it limit us through invasion of privacy and blocking freedom of action?

7 – Jobs and employment

Will jobs and employment decrease significantly because of AI, automation and corporate consolidations, or will new technologies and new industries offer more employment opportunities?

8 – Social Media

Will social media play an overall constructive role in connecting people, providing news and information, or will it have a destructive effect, increasing distrust, misinformation and polarization?

9 – Arts (painting, sculpture, music, theater, dance, literature, …).

Will the arts be an important part of peoples’ lives, or will they be of minor interest with people spending little time on them.

10 – Education

Will the traditional players in education such as schools and universities continue to manage how people learn, or will there be new models?

11 – Scientists

Will scientists be seen as thought leaders, sources of validated information and guidance, or will they be largely considered irrelevant, not trustworthy?

12 – World governance

Will our lives be governed by countries, regions and dedicated groups or will there be an agreed, effective world governance?

13 – Climate change

Will climate change destroy civilization as we know it today or will we find ways to make the earth a better, healthier place to live?

14 – Whole Earth

Will we have a “whole earth” philosophy where people live in harmony with other species in our ecosystem, or will we continue to see humans as a separate species living off the rest of the planet?

15 – Belief systems (religions, philosophies)

Will religions and belief systems survive as they are today, or will they either disappear or become radically different?


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